Brian may shreds whaling

Via Google Reader:

via Madame Arcati by Madame Arcati on 11/30/07
One of the better celebrity blogs is Brian May's. The Queen star posts regularly and actually interacts with his audience – and I'm impressed by his recent outspoken attack on the resumption of whaling by Japan. "I was looking at murderous Japanese boats going out to kill 1,000 intelligent, beautiful higher mammals ... the magnificent whales. And we all sit back and watch it happen?" he writes. As Greenpeace reports, "If the countries that oppose whaling were putting one-tenth of the effort into ending it that the Japanese government invests in maintaining a sham research programme, whaling would have ended by now." If you'd like to sign Greenpeace's message to various world leaders to call Japan's Prime Minister Fukuda to stop whaling, click here. May's blog click here.