God is in the details - yes or no?

In a direct attack on Creationism and its ists, Gumby the Cat has written an Open Letter to Creationists. Very saucy, very snarky and very entertaining. And very venomous. It could have been better argued but that's exactly what makes it pure light reading. But, it appears the writer has nothing against Christianity and only has an axe to grind with Creationists.
The more you babble about ribs, talking snakes, magic boats and 600 year old men who build magic boats, the sooner you'll fade away in an increasingly educated and science-savvy world. Christianity will flourish without the oppressive and simpleminded likes of you, and the whole world will be much better off in your absence.
This is recommended reading for those who still believe that Adam laid Eve in the Garden (actually, this much I do believe - gardens are the best places for such activity whether intended for procreation or not, as most of our cinema and literature show) and that someone upstairs made the world in seven days without breaking for a beer. The same applies to those who argue passionately (and violently) about who built the Ram Sethu (this blog isn't the place for that discussion and I have spent myself writing about that already here to acrimonious responses). No offence intended to my believer friends. Please consider that I'm just taking an ideology break.