Moth Smoke - three unidentified flying objects

Over the last three weeks, the weather has been very odd in Bangalore. We had an extended spell of rain and some very wet days. And then some very warm nights -- sleeping with the fan on at night in late November has certainly been a first. It's been such unusual weather that even my grandmother has been talking of climate change. The good thing, however, is that we had lots of toads visiting us to partake of the feast of flying termites -- three or four biggish fellows and a hailstorm of really tiny ones that made me all queasy at the thought that I might accidentally trample them underfoot. Apart from that, fluorescent lighting attracted at least three interesting nocturnal visitors to the lobby of our apartment -- gorgeous moths that beg to be identified. Here they are. If you know their names, please do let me know who they are. Tiny -- about 2 cm across Largish -- about 8 cm across Tiny -- about 2 cm across