The Sarus blogger is finally online

IMAGE: SARUS AND NILGAI (FROM K S GOPI SUNDAR'S SARUS SCAPES) My dear friend Gopi Sundar has finally lifted the veil on his stupendous insight into bird behaviour. His blog 'Sarus Scape' is now online and abuzz. He tags his blog 'Random Observations of a Wandering Naturalist' but that entire line is a euphemism for what he does best. His observations are far from random - they are marked by extraordinary scientific precision. And though he may like to imagine himself as a peripatetic hobo, his journeys are anything but wanderings - well, if you and I marked an entire state into little squares and transected each one to document its birdlife, we wouldn't call that wandering. But my friend has a yen for understatement. Enough said. Please enjoy Sarus Scape.