Seasonwatch - co-write a citizen science success story

If you are the type that stops to smell the flowers, or wonders what happened to that little brown bird that bustled about in the hedge until just a few weeks ago, or smiles at the bare avenue trees flaunting a flush of pink blossoms, you're a candidate for Seasonwatch

A new initiative of the Citizen Science Programme at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (a part of the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research) in Bangalore, Seasonwatch comes from the same stable as that other successful citizen science programme, Migrantwatch. Once you register on the website for free, you can download a list of tree species to monitor in your locality (use the supplied photos to identify them correctly). 

Register your chosen trees (up to two) using the specified form, give them a nickname, and document the changes as specified. Of course, it is important that you choose healthy, full-grown, relatively inviolate trees -- trees with cemented bases, or those that are frequently pruned are not suitable candidates. Transmit your data to the research team periodically. 

What a great way to make your morning walk more meaningful, and still be part of an important research initiative. Here's wishing Seasonwatch our very best!