Himalaya on my mind

If my piece on the Bedni Bugyal trek was a one-week breeze, here comes the hurricane.

My good friend Jennifer Nandi, whose reading has ingrained in her the poesy of Thoreau and the acidity of Dame Dorothy Parker, has written what I believe to be a heartfelt and insightful account of the trek of which we were both a part.

It was perhaps relevant that I met Jennifer for the first time on this journey, and that I met her in an age of data - where we wage impatient battles with an arsenal of information but little understanding. I found in her approach to understanding nature a sense of what I'd like my children to inherit from me - an insatiable curiosity about the machinations of the natural world life, the zeal to communicate it to those who probably do not care, and a never-say-dieness about getting it done.

Read her account.